How do I write a letter to my uncle to express my wish and request him to appeal to my father to let me study the subject of my choice?

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These letter i had worte my uncle in past 3 years ago,

📍 Rainbow Street,

3rd Building Singapore

Hello Uncle Rama! 😊

Hope you're doing awesome! 🌟 I've got exciting news—I've found my true passion: psychotherapy! 🧠💬 It's the perfect blend of my love for helping people and my fascination with the mind.

Dad's got his heart set on a different path for me, and I totally get his point of view. But, psychotherapy is where I see my future lighting up! 💡

Could you be my superhero 🦸‍♂️ and chat with Dad about it? Your words work like magic, and I know he listens to you. I'm super serious about making a difference in people's lives, and I just need that little nudge from you to help Dad see it too.

Thanks a million, Uncle Rama! You're the best! 🚀

Cheers and high fives, Dimple 🌈

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