What would I be able to write instead of “I hope to see this in my lifetime”? It is meant to sound cliche. It’s for a part of my senior quote.

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What would you be able to write? You know your own writing abilities or lack thereof, so you tell me!

You could write just about anything instead of that. Hopefully it will be something that is not meant to sound cliche.

You say it’s for part of your senior quote, which I would think would mean that it’s an original thought or idea that came about from your own thinking.

If I write it, then it doesn’t come from your own thinking and your senior quote becomes you quoting me.

It’s flattering that you want to quote me as part of your graduation from school but so many kids are already doing that it’s getting a bit excessive. Wouldn’t you rather be unique? Wouldn’t you rather be original? If your answer is no, it doesn’t say much for you or your school does it?

Dare to be great. I know that’s what I hope to see in my lifetime - a whole new generation of young men and women with a whole lot of guts and a whole lot heart who know exactly where they’re headed. I want to see some kids with some grit who aren’t afraid to take risks because they know that without risk there is no reward. I hope they’re willing to lay it all on the the line. They’d better be.

This is the only life we get, so wherever you go, whatever you do, make people talk about you. Be the best!

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