How do I get in the habit of writing every day?

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I’ve been writing every day for seven years.

Yet, I still make grammar mistakes in emails and messages I hit “send” on.

It irks me.

There will always be a margin of error.

I’ve accepted it.

Most writers don’t.

They hate rejection.

“This publication doesn’t want me to write for them.”

“I didn’t get the copywriting job I wanted.”

“My English teacher gave me a C.”

This margin is where people give up.

It’s the margin of where you’re -

Bad, not yet okay.

Okay, not yet great.

Great, not yet perfect.

And because no writer is perfect, you’ll always feel some sense of insecurity.

The best way to get over it?

Keep writing.

Focus on you.

The second painful piece of writing - it’s the first sentence.

For many, it’s the first word.

It’s sitting down.


Screaming in your head, “I CAN DO THIS!”

It’s not unique to you.

If you’re a painter or a pianist, you get the same feeling.

It’s the feeling of creating.

Something new.

Something to be explored.

It only gets easier the more consistent you are.

So if you want to keep exploring, then -

Keep writing.

Focus on you.

Next, you have to make writing a priority.

You go to the gym between 7 and 8 a.m.

You work between 9 to 5.

Yet, you have no time scheduled for writing.

If it’s important enough, you’ll schedule it.

If you don’t.

It’s not a priority.

Now, you need to focus on what you truly want.

Because if you schedule it in there -

You need to take something out.

Is what you’re taking out worth replacing with writing?

If it is, and you can dedicate five minutes or even an hour to writing every day at a specific time -

Then you’re ready to develop the habit.

What’s left?

Start writing.

Keep writing.

Focus on you.

It’s no more complicated than that.

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