What are some things to avoid doing whilst writing a novel?

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1. Don’t write sporadically. For a new writer, sitting down to write for the first time can feel like the hardest step. The best writing advice is to simply start writing. Jot down a single word, and you’re on your way. If it helps, set a daily word quota. In order to develop their time management skills, many writers commit to a specific writing time every day.

2. Don’t ignore story structure. Always keep your basic narrative arc in mind. Even when it comes to ambitiously creative writing, it’s important to consider the technical side of storytelling, pacing out character development and building toward the climax of the story.

3. Don’t second guess yourself. Silence the inner critic that says what you’ve produced is awful writing. Just focus on brainstorming and getting the story idea down. You can go back and edit later.

4. Don’t abandon your first novel. The writing process takes dedication. It’s easy for an aspiring novelist to give up when they get writer’s block. A novel can seem big, so set simple milestones. Start with the first chapter, then the first draft. Before you know it you’ll have a finished manuscript

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