Which was your best moment in life?

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The best memory of my life was a morning when I met the most important and beautiful girl for the first time.

I had met her on the Internet before, and this was our first time meeting in reality.

That was ten years ago, at a little bus station in Chongqing. The sun had just risen, spreading its light and warmth to the ground. I was so excited that it felt like even the air was full of happiness.

When I turned around the corner of a supermarket, I saw her standing under the overpass, with sunlight on her face, looking like an angel.

I couldn't help but fall into her sparkling eyes - the most captivating eyes I had ever seen.

I thought her smile was a great medicine that could cure all of the pain in my life.

Sorry, this may sound a bit exaggerated. But that was really how I felt at that moment.

Then we got on a bus. Both of us were shy and didn't talk much.

Along the way, I couldn't help glancing at her. I think that was the precious feeling of youth.

It's been several years, but I can still remember every detail of that morning. It's the very first page of my love story, the start of a new chapter in my life.

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