What is your life story?

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I’m Alina Isabelle Petrov, 23 years old girl from Transnistria, PMR.

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My life is never comfortable at all. It’s very hard and challenging for me. I was a continuous bullying victim throughout my teenage years. Therefore, I spent my time under a lot of stress.

Unfortunately, I have lost both my parents due to the tragic car accident. It was the worst nightmare of my life. 😭😭😭

The complete responsibility of taking care of my younger brother is in my hands after the death of my grandma. She has only spent 3 years with us. Then my relatives competed with our inheritance, and they legally took custody of it.

Then I and my brother became homeless. We spent more than 2 months on the street. At that time, earning money was the biggest challenge for me. So I start earning money by cleaning toilets and working as a waitress at the bar. It was a hard time for both of us.

I spent most of the money on my younger brother’s education. And most of the time, I have skipped lunch to save money. Sometimes I ate junk food.

I’ve cried a lot during those times, and my t-shirt sleeves knew how much tears I wiped away. I never let my brother get starved.

Luckily, we found some childcare services, and they gave us a room to live. So now my younger brother is studying medicine at a Russian university. I’m the only one who lives in Transnistria.

This is my family.

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