How did you spend today? How would you describe your day in a few interesting words?

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I spent it in the hospital. Had a hiatus hernia operation a few years ago and they wanted to check how things are going by putting a scope down my throat to my stomach. Luckily I was sedated, well sedated so I felt nothing.

The staff here were absolutely great and I have the best doctor, a young guy who knows his stuff, jokes around a bit and keeps me at ease.

So my wife will pick me up, take me home and has made home made soup for me which is good. I haven’t eaten or had a drink all day. She looks after me. My sweetheart.

So didn’t do much writing today. I notice Quora sends a lot of my stories to Quora Digest which is nice of them so my stories are still being shared around.

Have a great day folks.

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