What are some ways to get better at playing chords in music? How can one develop this skill for life?

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Practice. To maximise benefit from practice start with a scale of c. Learn the chords of the scale and their inversions. In the scale chords a third apart share 2 notes on common. For example c and em both have c and g. So changing from 1 to the other means moving just one finger. In thus case changing the not c to b.

So it is a good idea to practice the cords going up or down in thirds.

Eg in the key of c

C em g b dim dm f am c

Then chords a 4th apart share a single note. Practice these transitions giving a circle of 4ths. You have to move 2 fingers for each change.

C f bdim em am dm g c

Or in reverse order to get a circle of fifths.

Now concentrate on the changes for the above exercises, think about the fingers that have to move.

That us the secret to smooth chord changes, you leave as many fingers in place as you can.

Another top is not to worry about playing too many notes at first. On guitar start with just 3 strings and gradually build up to 6. A smaller chord often sound better

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