What are the most important skills to develop for future success?

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First of all, know what your future is, what your goals are and what you need to learn for it because you must have a talent for what you are doing, or want to do. Very good question which can help everyone to build their future first

Give yourself time and understand who you are and most importantly work on your strengths and weaknesses.

Hang out with big people, if not, at least keep their numbers in your contact list and follow them on social media to check their daily activities, after some time you will become the same.

Make yourself financially free and increase your income sources by reducing your expenses

There are many videos on YouTube on skills so you must learn them like communication skills etc

Also, when you start taking proper care of your health and giving more time to yourself, you will learn a lot.

Learn time management skills

It is not only important to earn money but also learn to save and invest it

Learn as much as you can about AI with books on whatever field you are in and fully prepare yourself for future threats.

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