What is the thing that only you can do and others can't?

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Once my father and I were waiting for something.

The wait was supposed to be for a few minutes, however, we ended up waiting for more than an hour.

After each passing second, my father was getting angry and impatient.

However, I was calm and happy, and motivated him to patiently wait.

Suddenly, he asked me in surprise, “Don't you feel frustrated?”

I smiled and said, “no, I am lost in my thoughts.”

He didn't react.

That's a habit which most people won't have, at least positive deep thinking, because most people overhthink towards negativity.

I think throughout the day and at any moment of time.

I will work and simultaneously think.

I would interact with people and simultaneously think.

On long drives, I think.

I walk and think.

This thinking is about observing, analyzing, understanding and bringing out deep knowledge from inside.

Throughout the day I stay connected with my subconscious and observe the environment or think deeply about anything.

This isn't a burden but an opportunity to have a deep perspective about life without investing time in books or any other secondary source of knowledge.

However, it doesn't mean I don't concentrate in other activities, but still, there is some level of vulnerability to make mistakes or forget things.

I lose perfection another activities to pursue this strange habit.

But I am happy :)

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