Let's assume someone is feeling left behind in life, with strict discipline, consistency, and commitment, what are a few skills (maybe reading) that the person can learn to change their lives from ordinary to extraordinary?

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You can only be certain when looking backwards , so don’t expect to be certain when looking forwards ,

In a world where everyone wants to win today , the real advantage comes from thinking long-term ,

People forget sometimes , in order to become extraordinary , you’ve to be a bit crazy. You’ve to do things out of the norm ,

Choosing what to work on is more important than being generally productive ,

You should often ask yourself : Does your expectations match the level of effort you’re putting ? ,

You can outperform most people by avoiding unforced errors . Most unforced errors come from lack of patience ,

A valuable skill in life is to be larger than the situation . When you’re feeling stressed or rattled , the situation is consuming you . It feels bigger and more important than it needs to be ,

A positive mindset doesn’t ensure success , but a negative one ensures defeat . Lessons here ,

It’s just not about talent and luck , but how you respond to challenges and setbacks truly shape the outcome ,

Meet your life where it’s in this very moment ,


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