What is the best way to practice problem solving skills?

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There is only ONE way to improve any skill - and that is by actually doing the same task again and again and again until you become the best at it. That is the ONE way and the ONLY way to become good at anything.

When I started blogging 11 years ago - I could hardly type out 100 words if my life depended on it. It would take me 3 days to literally type out 100 words. And after the 3 days were up, I would look at the garbage I put out and I realized - this couldn’t be published. Just couldn’t.

Today I am able to come out with 2,000 words in an hour to nearly 10,000 words per day. How is this possible? Because of non-stop practice. I never stopped, I never gave up, I never ever slowed down. And when you choose to be so persistent, so obsessed and so unstoppable - you will eventually become the world’s best.

Loy Machedo

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