How do the skills and athleticism required in football compare to those required in baseball?

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Here is a personal experience, there was a guy on my team when I was a junior in high school and he was a senior, he was around 6’1 230 and his primary sport was baseball but he was also a defensive tackle on the football team. A lot of what baseball players train for is explosiveness, which translates to the football field. He probably benched about 270 pounds, which isn’t bad at all but isn’t crazy for a man of his size and position, but he made up for it for how much power and explosiveness he had. There was a time at practice I was lined up at tight end and he was on the defensive line, before I could even get out of my stance he had struck me and layed me right out, so the moral of the story here is baseball training and workouts translate to the gridiron.

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