How do you develop your genius skills?

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Developing skills that are very rare and hard to learn is a long and tedious process that often requires you to invest your time wisely an efficiently. I will explain how one can identify and develop skills that are very hard to acquire.

1. Identification.

In order to invest your time wisely you need to identify the skills you are innately talented at. It is better to spend less time more efficiently on learning thing that you will enjoy and also be good at. In order to identify the things you are best at you will need try things you feel naturally interested in. Most of the time you are interested in things you are good at. It would be the best to research the topic you are interested in, to see if you find it interesting. If you are fond of a given topic, I would recommend attending classes.

When it comes to learning a skill with a teacher, it would be the best to get private classes, because then a good educator will be capable of adjusting his way of teaching to your needs. This is only heavily recommended when learning skills like piano or languages, where the student - teacher interaction is very important.

When it comes to learning subjects like maths etc. it is not that important to have individual classes. Just attending lessons and practicing a lot should suffice in order to develop your skills very well.

2. Development.

After having chosen a skill you want to master, it is important to follows your teacher’s advice. This way you will avoid wasting the time on things that do not benefit you. Practice is extremely important when it comes to learning just any skill. Without practice it is near impossible to make any sort of progress.

You have to understand that practice is everything. Without it, you are nothing.

You should set yourself goals that you want to achieve, and if you have a teacher you work with you should inform him/her of your goals and your potential problems you will probably encounter. Being able to determine your own weaknesses and strenghts is crucial in order to develop your skills.

Forming habits is also crucial for good practice schedule and eventually, developing your skills. Without systematized training it is very hard to make progress. When starting your adventure with a new skill, it is good to introduce the new schedule gradually.

When I was starting my journey with piano practicing 2 hour a week was the absolute maximum I could manage. Now, after two years I Play piano for minimally 7 hours a week. In fact, it could be said that I am addicted to playing piano. When I do not practice, I get the feeling that something is not right. Durimg this year’s summer break, I am planning on playing minimally 4 hours a day. I will set myself a schedule and propably I will achieve that goal.

The crucial things for developing your skills are

Finding the right kind of skill.

Having a good practice schedule.

Working well with your teacher.

Applying strategies that allow you to spend your time more efficiently.

If you apply all the advice I described, it is extremely propable that you will succeed in developing the desired skill. However, there is one sad truth. Most of your progress depends on your talent and intelligence. If you are not talented, developing a skill will much harder, though it is still good to give it a try.

I wish you success in developing your abilities.

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