How should people learn skills in woodworking or in other trades?

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I like to make things. I always have. Think of a simple project, maybe a stool, book shelf, cutting board or such. Try to figure out how to make it. Use your library for helpful books. Use the web to get information, use utube for how to videos. Get the needed tools, wood, and supplies and get started.

Things to note:

Safety first. You are using sharp powerful tools that can really hurt you. It takes less than a second to cut off a finger. Read, understand and follow safety advice that comes with your tools.

Second, always figure out how to safely do what you want to do. Look at the above paragraph.

The first few projects will likely come out bad. Learn from them. Figure out what went wrong and how fix the problems. Try again. Never get discouraged.

Wood working is life long learning. As you get better you will take on more challenging projects. There is always something new to learn. Personally, I find projects that help me to improve my skills.

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