What are your useless talents?

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By “useless” I mean these skills are actually useless and I have never in my whole life been benefitted through this skills, I really wish I was more talented and I had some skills that would help me in the real world.

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If a photo appears dark, I know how to increase the light like I did in the picture above.

I can perform very complex mathematical calculations in my head without any calculator. Not that I am super intelligent or anything it's because my father is very good with numbers and he always taught me that in mathematics numbers always have certain patterns. Since, I am well educated about number patterns I can do that. But unfortunately I never ever manage to score good grades in math ever in my life despite being able to perform mathematical calculations in my head.

I have a decent handwriting which has no value in today's world where everyone types everything.

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4. I have no edge over anyone else in anything and I call that a talent because it requires a lot of skills to be bad at everything.

5. I am really bad at talking to people, it's very difficult for me to have a conversation with 90% of the people without doing a prior rehearsal as to what I am going to talk about. Also, I kinda get repelled by some people. But I spam all group chats except for family group chats. In any group chat, I am the one writing the most number of messages. It's kinda weird when random guys come and approach in real life just because I spam group chats. I write really emotionally expressive messages on group chats, but I find it really hard to be emotionally expressive in real life. That's why most guys who see my messages in group chats before seeing me in real life are shocked to see the personality contrast. They talk to me assuming I am very outgoing and bubbly, but I am actually not.

6. I can function well without any food and sleep sometimes. But I wouldn't ever recommend it because it actually makes me very unwell later.

7. I have come last in every running race in my whole life and I think I deserve a medal for that. I have never come first in anything ever in my whole life before. Never won first prize, never got first rank in class ever.

8. I think my name should appear in the Guinness Book of World records for having the lowest number of talents.

9. No matter how rude people are to me, I always respond politely and calmly in reality but over text even I tend to react, be rude in return and I end up regretting it several times.

I really wish I was more talented and had an edge in atleast something but unfortunately I don't. I don't think I am destined for greatness or excellence.

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