Has anyone been hired for a job based on certifications obtained from classes taken on Udemy.com? I have some skills I learned on my own but the job I want requires certifications for these skills. How useful is this website for this purpose?

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Udemy, and other edX type classes are great for learning stuff, but the actual certifications that count are the ones from the various vendors.

Example: lots of places have courses for say, Azure Cloud Administration. Fine, knock yourself out, learn the material. Go through the entire course, and you’ll earn a “Certificate of Completion”.

This certificate is worth a bucket of warm spit, at best. The certification, the thing that matters to employers, is passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam, which is typically not included in these courses.

That being said, employers like potential and current employees that are constantly learning. Certs will get you interviews, but they don’t get you hired. That part is up to you.

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