Who agrees if you are a guy and you have no skills associated with masculinity, it is humiliating to admit you are not a real man? As a man, there are certain skills you should know how to do such as hunting and fishing, am I right?

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I do not know how to grow corn, or repair a wagon wheel, or build a cabin. I couldn’t butcher a cow on a dare. Fortunately, since I am not part of a pre-industrial hunter-gatherer tribe, I don’t need to know how to do those things. I have a job, and I earn enough that I can pay someone else to do those things for me, as the need arises. I have no need to hunt for my dinner; it’s easy to locate, mostly nonviolently, at my local supermarket.

What makes me a real man is knowing that I don’t have to get anyone else’s endorsement of my masculinity. I don’t need to prove it to anyone by their metric.

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