What skills have been proven to be essential for achieving successful goals?

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"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." 💯

These are the 6 Japanese techniques which I came across and I personally felt it is worth following it 📈. Here's the brief info about it.

1️⃣. #IKAGAI - We should figure out our purpose or a reason for living. It will be our motivating factor to wake up every morning and enjoy our hustle.

2️⃣. #KAIZEN - We often make the mistake of trying everything at once and turn up into a failure. Instead learn to focus on small daily improvements.

3️⃣. #PAMODORO TECHNIQUE - It is a popular technique to get your work effectively done ✅️. Work for 25 minutes without any distraction and take 5 minutes break. Repeat this cycle ♻️ until your work gets done.

4️⃣. #HARA HACHI BU - Feeling too full is a significant trigger of discomfort, negative feelings and the urge to purge. Stop eating when your belly gets 80% full. This technique increases our energy and helps us to focus on our work productively.

5️⃣. #SHOSHIN- Learn to approach each and every task like beginner with same curiosity which you had while doing it for the 1st time.

6️⃣. #WABI-SABI - Focus on finding beauty within the imperfections of your life. Embrace ✨️imperfections instead of stressing over it.

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