How do I learn new skills in 21 days?

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If you watched Josh Kaufaman's video then you know how to learn any skill in 20 Hours.

My personal strategy this year I learn copyrighting, web & Android app development, machine learning, content writing, digital marketing plus 2 more.

So let’s dive into learning any skill in 21 days.

Let’s take one example so that we can easily relate.

e.g. Machine learning(replace your skill with machine learning).

You need to make a slot for your working time so you know where your every second is going.

I give my example of how will I use 21 days to learn any skill.

Step: Find your working time and divide it into slots

First I will divide these 21 days into 3 parts(7 days + 7 days + 7 days)

Step: Not repeat mistakes that people have made in my industry

Then I will do some research related to machine learning and what mistakes people have made in the past so that in 21 days I will not waste that time.

Step: You always making this mistake

I am not going to waste time learning watching or studying theory stuff. My ratio of learning will look like 20%- theory, and 80% practical because when you actually get stuck in a problem your real learning starts from there.

Step: Without a blueprint don’t start building

I will make a blueprint of what topics or important stuff I need to cover and most of the people who learn any skill also go through that stuff like in machine learning statistics is most important.

Step: Document your journey

Don’t ignore this If you want to learn any skill please every single day of your learning document somewhere share your learning in public even if it’s your first day. Don’t have time then share 2 lines but do daily.

Step: What opportunity comes to your door

You want to see the benefit of documenting your journey - in March I documented my Android app development journey for 4 months on LinkedIn and in my inbox I got an opportunity (a job offer).

Step: Beginner problem Even if you do

This is a beginner problem - on the starting day of learning any skill they try to master every stuff/topic but this is the very wrong way to learn any skill. You actually learn stuff when you see the same thing Repeat and repeat. So don’t try to master stuff at the start of the day, just touch and get a basic idea.

Step: Do you know what your learning source is?

Find your learning source If I share my then while learning Android app development I found documentation and websites work very well for me but during machine learning videos become my favorite way of learning. Find what best works for you.

Step: I love making notes

This become a habit for me it is your choice but learning any skill every time I make notes, or notes helps me whenever I stay in class, and if any teacher's teaching style feels boring, I just open and start my skill building. You can try this.

Step: Connection during learning

The last step is always to mail someone in your industry related which your learning skill, During learning machine learning every week I send 4 to 5 emails to machine learning, and AI people and ask for help or advice.

In the starting days of your career, you need to create opportunities for yourself and shout speak loud from the terrace that I am doing this.

Don’t be shy, people love you and support you.

PS: Any skill you going to learn you need to put a lot of time into master but in 21 days you can learn basic + some intermediate stuff not more than that.

Skill demands time to sharpen the axe.

almost 90 minutes this takes to write, everything that I know I put in this post - upvote ❤️

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