What is your prized possession and why?

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When I was young, I found being an adult to be incredibly thrilling. I would fantasize about all the incredible things I would do once I reached that stage of life. In my imagination, the world was perfect, and I could picture myself living a joyful life and accomplishing all my dreams.

However, as I grew older, reality set in. During my time in college, I yearned for the opportunity to study abroad, convinced that universities overseas provided the best education. That desire led me to enroll in a course at York University.

Another cherished dream of mine was to have my own house after getting married. I envisioned a life filled with happiness in every moment, similar to what is portrayed in movies. Eventually, I did get married, but life did not turn out exactly as I had imagined.

Throughout all the events in my life, I have come to realize that my most valuable possession is my ability to dream. Dreams have the power to enhance everything, as imagination is always beautiful and flawless. Even though reality often falls short of my expectations and brings problems and disappointment, the joy I derive from these dreams is immeasurable.

Dreams are something precious, and I believe they hold the same significance for everyone.

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