What new skills would you like to learn? And why? At least five new skills you would like to learn personally.

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Here's the five skills I want to get better at:


I want to improve my online writing skill. To be more specific, I want to master it so that I can make money out of it. Even in my developer job, I find that the ability to write clearly and express your thoughts in a easy to follow manner is necessary for collaboration.

Public Speaking

Being around with people is always one of the things that will make me nervous. I just want to overcome what make me afraid and to be more open and vulnerable. It make me feel good when I am truly open myself up.


This is the one thing that I haven't tried in my life. It just look fun to drive motorcycling and go to different places. It could be a joyful process to learn to manage the motorcycle by myself.


The sound from ukulele actually impress me when I play it last year. It make people (especially for myself) silent and conscious. I also want to create the kind of music that can make people relax.


For me, meditation means that you take a gap from your thought and emotional process. Even when life throw the most difficult situation to me. I want that I can be calm and response to it deliberately and consciously. Rather than simply throw my anger to something or someone.

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