What are the requirements for a skill assessment?

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Depending on the kind of skill being evaluated and the environment in which the assessment is being conducted, different requirements may apply. Nonetheless, the following common elements and broad guidelines for a skill assessment are provided:

Explain Skill:

Elucidate the skill that needs to be evaluated.


Indicate the objectives of the assessment.


Determine your target market.

Validity and Trustworthiness:

Assure accurate and legitimate evaluation.

Task Evaluation:

Dissect the elements of a skill.


Select the kind of assessment.


Establish precise grading standards.


Find out what materials are permitted.


Decide on the assessment's duration.

Evaluation and Input:

Define feedback and scoring.


Make sure there is impartiality and no bias.


Make it available to everyone.

Pilot Examining:

Test and make necessary adjustments.

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