What strategies do you believe are most effective in helping employees embrace a growth mindset and continuously improve their skills?

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Their skills, versus your directives, so its the skills they have you want them to work harder, faster to make more money, and do it for nothing is the budget. Why would you ask strangers instead of your team, something wrong with this equation. Do you really want to learn? if your sincere, then plan days to spend with everyone in the entire place, small company, get them the tools they need and ask them if they could change just one thing, what would it be, you will discover you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. It’s that simple, test it out for 3 days, what they do you do, see who the natural leaders are, you want to know whats wrong with the company, your team can make or break you, help them by giving them what they need to meet the demands. Start there, its up to you to give them hope, remember that even when your not so happy, there is a time for everything, sometimes you put things on hold to simmer down your mood. Also if you had a good month buy them all a pizza for lunch, to show your appreciation, And have a bbq in the parking lot, give them 2 hours of paid time to attend, once a year, make it a ritual and you will see change in them, respect is earned, and you are showing you care about them, once they know you will have their loyalty and your team will transform into a great team. The complainers, the slackers and the gossipers, one by one I would replace them all, a hand picked team that all are on the same page, it’s a great start to the day.

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