What are some good hobbies to get into as an adult who has no talents or skills, but wants to learn how to be more creative and artistic?

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Well in terms of budget… some good options are

Journaling. Try it for extra “I can NOT make anything look pretty" handicap. Journaling can be a story, it doesn't have to be about you. It can be, but really it's to a writer as a sketchbook is to an artist. It doesn't matter what it's made of because there is something there and that's all that counts.

Reading! You can partake in the timeless act of curling up in an armchair and just reading until you forget that you're reading and not experiencing. Or, if you find that to be boring or fun if it could hold your attention span, some different options that definitely make it more interesting are annotating, even if it's making jokes and snide remarks in the margins, creating funny compilations like quotes out of context or whatever just for your own enjoyment, join a book club and make it a social event, read children's books, try reading a book backwards, or even with today's technology you could create an AI bot and fine tune it to match the personalities of characters you read about

Architectural drawing. Among people who get most the credit for being artists, architectural drawing is often notorious for being boring and nuanced. However, for those who don't work best without a plan or having to make big decisions in the middle of their project, architectural drawing can be great. It's so methodical. Draw line from corner to point A. Mark an x inside of this box to find where the roof starts. Draw a line that at least looks parallel to the edge of the paper. It can be very calming too. Also the paper is often super thin and therefore cheap, rules can go anywhere from $1 to $30, and generally the preferred tool is just a plain mechanical pencil.

Music conisseurship. Some people interpret this as listening to all sorts of music all the time for maximum exposure, but another way to approach this is trying to memorize the lyrics of as many songs as possible.


Ones with big communities

Animal.. stuff. It could be about dog showing or foster care or puppy training or just a bunch of old cat ladies getting together to talk about their little babies, but everywhere there is a massive amount of people who share their love and passion for animals.

Deep dive into an online fandom. These go from anime to certain medical professions to lawn-mower brands… but everyone can agree that no matter what it is, there will be a lot of people online who like it.

Learn a new language. Chances are, hundreds of millions of people speak it, and they would love to get some English practice in and in return practice their langauge! Also, many native English speakers who like languages will come together.

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