What are the most in-demand skills for freelancing?

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Hi there!

After deciding which freelance skill best suites you.

What’s the next step?

When it comes to freelancing, I have come to realize there is a need to distinguish yourself from every other freelancer out there.

You can do this by being exceptionally good at what you do as more than anything what you want is to always have jobs to work on as this would fuel your passion and more often than not I highly benefit from being really good at what I do in terms of referrals.

I tend to give every job my best not just because of the client I’m working with but also because everyone knows someone that would require your services at one point or the other and who do they recommend?

The person who did a decent job or the person who did a great job in delivering whatever task delegated to them?

I have found quite a number of platforms highly beneficial when it comes to getting the necessary skills required to get really good at whatever niche you have decided to build a career in, this includes; udacity, coursera, linkedin learning, upwork academy, udemy, skillshare, edx, codeacademy, alison.

These sources are good for different specialties. I would advise you check them out to determine which is best suited to your needs and unique situation. Research should be your best friend as a freelancer hoping to build meaningful connections and an impactful network.

After gaining the necessary knowledge required to deliver excellent, highly satisfying jobs.

How do you get work?

Early on in my career I got most of my jobs from zephyrtec and this enabled me gain the experience I was able to leverage and became better with every job I got.

They are best suited to virtual assistants as those were the main jobs I got from them. You can also start your journey with zephyrtec by mailing your resume to zephyrtec@hotmail.com.

Virtual assistant jobs require little to no experience.

Other places you can get work include upwork, peopleperhour, Freelancer.com, flexjobs, linkedin, simplyhired to name a few.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to start as that’s what keeps most individuals from enjoying all the numerous benefits that comes with the freelancer life.

The best time to start is now, no one starts out great, you get better over time from experience.

I hope you find this helpful.

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