Should I send the salary statements from my workplace for the skill assessment for Australia? I have only bank statements. Isn't it enough for the skill assessment?

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It's crucial to follow the guidelines established by the assessing authority for your profession when submitting an application for a skill assessment for migration to Australia. In order to prove your work and income, both wage statements (payslips) and bank statements might be useful supporting documents; however, which ones are required will depend on the assessing authority's rules.

Considerations include the following:

Payslips (Salary Statements): Your salary, bonuses, allowances, and deductions are all included in the comprehensive information that is provided on your payslips. They could provide solid proof of your job history and income. It's a good idea to send payslips if the assessing body specifically asks for them or if your occupation frequently mandates them.

Bank Statements: Bank statements can display financial transactions involving your income, like deposits from your employment. They can support your statements regarding your employment and finances by acting as additional evidence. Bank statements might be helpful if you have been regularly depositing your paycheck into your account.

In addition to payslips and bank statements, the assessing authority may require other supporting documents, such as employment contracts, reference letters, tax documents, or statutory declarations. Be sure to check their guidelines for a comprehensive list of required documents.

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