What's the best way to find out what I am best at?

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What is the most effective way to identify my true passion? Passion is essential for focus, motivation, and excitement. Instead of questioning the importance of passion, consider how to discover it.

Passion leads to practice, which in turn leads to perfection. Without passion, mastery is impossible. Talent may be innate, but skill is developed through dedicated practice. To be perceived as talented, practice relentlessly before showcasing your abilities. Without passion, talent becomes burdensome rather than a gift, and work becomes a chore instead of a labor of love.

Finding your passion can be facilitated by embracing boredom. Allow yourself to be unoccupied and engage in activities that you find enjoyable. If an activity brings you joy, it is an indication that you are moving closer to identifying your passion. Children inherently understand this concept, as they instinctively seek amusement in their actions.

However, as we grow older and prioritize "responsibility," we suppress our desire for fun. We settle for mundane jobs, dismissing passion as a pursuit for dreamers. By doing so, we stifle our dreams and deny ourselves the opportunity to live a passion-filled life.

Passion will always arise, whether or not we actively seek it. However, we often ignore or misinterpret it. Even hatred is a form of passion, so if you overcome your aversion to your job, you have inadvertently suppressed your passion. Boredom serves as a signal that alerts us to our true passion. If playing video games or indulging in other hobbies brings you satisfaction, do not discount them due to their lack of academic or professional value. Many adults have successful careers in fields related to their personal interests.

If you are unable to act on your boredom, you are either wasting time or sacrificing too much. Overcoming your boredom signifies the suppression of passion. Do not be concerned if your passion changes over time; even seemingly childish interests can evolve into meaningful pursuits. The key is to actively pursue and be pursued by your passion. Embrace it without hesitation.

By following your passion and acting on your boredom, you are on the path to becoming a master at something you love and finding ways to monetize your passions. Best of luck in your journey!

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