What are the limitations of ChatGPT? Can it ever replace real teachers with its knowledge, experience, and communication skills?

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Honestly, no. ChatGPT is very powerful and I use it everyday for many things. The issue with ChatGPT is that it doesn’t really “know”. It cannot really think.

I would say it is very good with logic, pattern recognition, and basically anything a computer is good for.

ChatGPT might actually make a teachers 100 times better. The wisdom of a teacher combined with the powerful ability of ChatGPT can help a teacher reach a different level in understanding their students and create a better experience for everyone.

Just like a computer is simply a piece of “junk” for someone who doesn’t know how to use it but a powerful machine for someone who does.

I use ChatGPT everyday and I can tell when it is wrong. Usually, I look up information around a topic I am knowledgeable about so it is easy to spot. However, if you don’t know anything about the topic you might assume something is true that it isn’t. I hope this helps!

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