Can it be true that we are not born with innate knowledge of complex concepts or skills, we acquire them through cultural and educational influence?

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what if all concepts are at root based on gestures we humans physically make? so, complex concepts are both a vehicle and a skin over the motion/energy of the gestures, where one either has the innate ability to choreograph a series of motions combining into a knot of energy or not. that is, a formed collection of the several skin-contents which are expressed in emotional necessity and resolved in language.

or, some people simply learn how to make things by imitation. most lawyers and college professors and scientists aren’t very ingenious, yet they’re able to work their professions enough to satisfy the need we have for those professions. figure cultural and educational, and don’t think ‘going to a museum’, think, what’s my language at home and how much have i reconciled it with the public language of the common workplace? and, don’t think ‘learning to write and read’, think first of ‘crossing the street, and what you can expect cars to do when you step into the street’ — that’s the normal reality of culture.

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