What are communication skills?

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Often misunderstood as the ability to speak, communication skills are more than just speaking. In fact, communication encompasses speaking, listening, comprehension and nonverbal aspects of communication.

A few branches that make up your communication are:

1. Active Listening: Paying full attention when others speak, showing that you value their input, and seeking to understand their perspective.

2. Verbal Communication: The ability to express ideas and information clearly, using appropriate language, tone, and vocabulary for the audience and context.

3. Nonverbal Communication: Understanding and using body language, facial expressions, and gestures to enhance or complement spoken words.

4. Empathy: The capacity to understand and share the feelings and experiences of others, fostering emotional connections and mutual understanding.

5. Adaptability: The skill to tailor your communication style to suit the situation, culture, or audience, ensuring the message is received as intended.

6. Clarity and Conciseness: Conveying messages in a straightforward and succinct manner, avoiding jargon or overly complex language.

7. Feedback: Providing and receiving feedback constructively, enabling continuous improvement in communication.

8. Conflict Resolution: Effectively addressing disagreements and misunderstandings through open, respectful dialogue.

9. Leadership and Influence: Using communication to inspire, motivate, and guide others toward shared goals and objectives.

10. Digital Communication: Proficiency in written and verbal communication via email, chat, video conferencing, and social media, which are increasingly important in our connected world.

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