What are the best ways to make your life easier?

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Embrace a lifestyle that costs only a fraction of your earnings.

Living below your means is like having a superhero cape you never have to show off. It's the ultimate life hack for me, it makes one feel invincible, calm, and in control.

It's likened to standing in a rock-solid tower while chaos swirls around you, that's a feeling words won't be able to capture.

In many places, especially in my home country, living modestly is more than just a money-saving trick; it's a shield against life's darker corners.

It keeps you off the radar for all sorts of unpleasant situations, from kidnappings for ransom to targeted robberies.

It also makes you less of a walking ATM for friends, family, and even strangers who see you as their personal bailout fund.

Choosing simplicity when you could go grand is a power move. It's like having an invisible army guarding your peace. You're not just scraping by; you're flourishing but on your terms.

This lifestyle is the ultimate stress-buster. You're cruising in a relatively comfort zone where you've got the choice but not the pressure to splurge. When you do spend, it feels like tossing a pebble into a pond, not like drilling a hole in a dam.

Living this way gives you access to a type of joy most people can't even put into words, let alone experience in their lifetime.

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Imagine being able to book a dream vacation or buy a dream home on a whim, leaving everyone around you stunned. That thrill is something money can buy only with a huge dose of discipline.

When you can comfortably afford your belongings, life takes on a different hue. You're the boss, and everything you own is just a tool to make your life better, not a golden calf to be worshipped.

You only hurt one person, you, when you chose to live above your means. It is a recipe for sleepless nights and constant stress.

Being smart about how you live pays dividends in happiness and freedom, the very assets that are truly priceless.

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