What do you do daily?

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Being a marine engineer officer, I work on merchant ships carrying humongous quantity of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) through the oceans around the globe.

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Even though there's no fixed routine on a daily basis when it comes to sailing, my typical day out at sea looks like:

0700: Wake up, freshen up and head for breakfast.

0800: Carryout ‘tool box’ meeting (not sure whether the term is used ashore) for my engine room team, where we discuss and delegate jobs for the day.

0830: Take a ‘round’ of the engine room, and check and inspect each machinery and it's parameters and make sure everything is running as required.

0930–1200: Carry out planned maintenance or other non routine jobs.

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Ship’s main engine cylinder liner, yes it's huge.

1-4pm: Continue with the jobs in hand. Take a round out on the deck to see if everything is in order.

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Upper deck of a Very Large Gas Carrier ( VLGC-a class of ship)

4–5pm : Wind up the engine room jobs for the day and prepare the engine room for unattended operation for the night.

5–6pm : Hit the gym or go walking on the deck and capture a rainbow or few dolphins.

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6–7pm : Grab a beer and dinner.

7–11pm :Time to relax. Sea is one place where internet is still consider a luxury ( I get 200mb for a week, yes 200 megabytes) , as a result no social media or streaming. I watch a movie or read a book.

11:00pm: Off to sleep.

This routine goes on untill we reach a port, where I get to go around the place or grab a drink at the local pub or bar.

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