How do I manage time in daily life?

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Divide your day into three parts. 7–8–9. Seven hours sleep and rest nine hours work, your main karma with four fifteen minute breaks and eight hours for your life and routine, fun and learn, relations and happiness.

Have clear tasks to do during the day and an estimated time in mind. Priorities them, make a queue. Finish the most bothering one first to free your mind.

Reduce lying down scrolling time. For many it consumers 20% of the day. If you lie down lie down to sleep and rest, close your eyes and pray. If you have to watch something, have something specific on mind, watch it, shut your phone.

Make sure to not stay stuck for more than fifteen minutes in one thought, problem, issue or conflict. If you don't reach a solution, delay it for the right time and move on to the next task. Not valid for crucial tasks.

Once you finish any task or routine work, say to yourself, ‘I did it,’ ‘thank God for getting it done, ‘ ‘I am happy about it and I feel fulfilled.” chant your beloved God’s name and move on to the next task.

Work for yourself, to feel good, relevant, be a karma yogi and fulfil your responsibilities, to grow in life, to feel content. Don't do tasks to show off or prove something to people or out of compulsion. Create an intent to do anything, be it taking a hundred printouts.

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