What are some awesome tricks to impress anyone?

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1. Be Optimistic- Always look for the good in every person and situation. Showing a positive attitude in a stressful situation always outshines.

2. Try to be well-informed- Being well-informed works because it doesn't require you to be extra smart rather, just to be updated on the latest news. This will help you to chime in and join the conversation or fill people in with information they are not aware of.

3. Develop a talent- You are often impressed by a singer, dancer, speaker, athlete, etc. So, what's common in all of them? A talent. Every person has something in which they are good at. The job is to identify and work on that with great discipline.

4. Appreciate different opinions- Being firm on what you believe is a good gesture but thinking that it's the only right thing, can cause problems. A h...

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