How do I grow old gracefully?

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Growing older has radically changed in the past two decades. Most people have heard “40 is the new 30” and so on. Historical views on age and aging are quickly being replaced by new, progressive views as people, especially women, are redefining the concept. I myself will turn 52 next week and have undergone a complete transformation which began with a change in perspective on aging. Well over half of women in the US are over the age of 40 and we are redefining what that means. The idea is not to fight age but to embrace it. A brief rundown of specific, easily implemented steps to gracefully growing older

Clothing - stylish well-accessorized - on-trend handbag, jewelry, shoes, etc. Stylish jeans with a blazer and heels for example.

Attitude - An easy, uncomplicated, try anything attitude goes a long way to feeling invigorated. You have the benefit of life experience here - use it. Be a fun interesting person to be around.

Hairstyle - wear a style that looks good on you not that you feel is what people “your age” should have. I wear my hair longer which lets me wear it various fashionable ways - long braid, ponytail, straight, or curly. Mix it up some.

Hygiene - whiten teeth, exfoliate skin regularly, spray tan (avoid sun exposure), well-manicured nails - most people cared about these things when they were young - don’t stop

Body Weight - This one is huge (no pun), most people associate smaller bodies with youth and health. I lost about 50 pounds and when I started taking regular walks around my neighborhood I had many of my neighbors stop their cars and say they thought I was a teenager from farther away. Also, people I had not seen during my body renovation literally didn’t recognize me. This will benefit your health in countless ways.

Toned muscles and exercise - this goes hand-in-hand with weight loss - same reasons

Clean, healthy diet.

Curiosity - stay curious and always keep learning new things and new skills. I started a career as an artist in my 40’s. I used to work for a man who started an entirely new, hugely successful category of cleaning products in his 50’s. Do something!

Stay social. Reach out and create new friendships and connections.

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