How do I get rid of anxiety and depression?

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Deliberate and abrupt distraction! Immediately shift your setting and your activity to something totally unrelated. Abandon and reject those sinister worries or ruminatations. These negative thoughts are ' born to 'feed on themselves' — in scientific terms, once your neural pathways for anxiety or depression become established over time, they are more easily activated, become stronger and very resistant to your control. Just like a misbehaving child, these intruding thoughts should NOT be rewarded with your attention!

Understand, you will not 'feel like' making this shift, it takes effort, over and over, for the brain to 'unlearn' the automatic anxiety/depression responses. BUT! there are neighbors to visit, walks to take, sushi to order, coworkers to engage, shopping to do, pocketbooks to buy, exercises to do. Just shift your...

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