What are your frugal living tips while we are in this inflationary economy?

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Don't stock up the fridge in a sense that your spinach gets bad or the tomatoes rotten. That's why I don't get delicate food in bulks. 5 kgs of potatoes is fine but not 5 kgs of tomatoes. I don't get groceries for more than a week. I don't waste a thing. Not even a grain of rice. Leftovers from lunch? Great for dinner!

Planning the budget. Apart from mandates like utility, school fee and all that, I have fixed figure for all the departments for instance 5000 for milk, 10 thousand for fruits and vegetables etc. I don't overdo it.

Cutting off going out for lunches. I go out to eat maybe once a month. Going out to eat doesn't excite me anymore. I can easily make couple of extravagant meals at home with that one dining out expenses.

Use what's in there already. Instead of getting broccoli I rather make cabbage stir fry which is already in the fridge. It's not that I won't get that broccoli but after clearing out the old stuffs lying inside my house.

Carry your own lunch while going out. I don't go out much as my most of the time is between doing office work, house chores and my child's duties. But whenever I take my child out, we eat it off at house before stepping outside and carry fresh fruits, tea in flask and fried beaten rice and eatables like that.

We can make variety of the same dish. If we are bored. For instance I love squash. They are rich in fibre and extremely cheap compared to other vegetables and when in season I get them alot. Sometimes I make stir fry out of them, sometimes I make instant pickles and while other times I make gravy with them that goes with both rice and roti. They are cheap in price and are great in taste as well.

I stopped going out for movies. I hardly watch something and maybe I watch one or two movies in a month. So whenever I watch it I do it at home via YouTube or Netflix. One time movie ticket and snacks can get you three months of netflix subscription and it's worth it even if you hardly watch it.

After one year break from shopping and clearly after few years into the world of minimalism, I purchased few things recently cause I needed them. I purchase something when I need them not cause it pleases my eyes.

I use all the products and all the stuffs properly. Stuffs like bathroom cleaner and glass cleaner lasts longer than usual if you use them properly. For instance if you soak your cleaning cloth prior to clean the glass, you can spray the glass cleaner only once or twice and it will lasts longer than you can imagine.

Make your space clutter free. Do laundry at earliest. Wash your delicate clothes immediately and organise them properly and it goes a long way.

Every penny counts. So don't waste a thing over stuffs you don't need.

Few pairs of clothes and shoes is all you need. You don't need more than that. So don't overspend on luxuries.

I take a walk instead of taking an autorickshaw if it's nearby. I save money and walking is good for my health. Plus I love walking.

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