What are the best methods to relieve stress?

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In fact, when I was 26 years old, I encountered a deep trough in my life. I was coming out of a friendship that had lasted for many years. My best friend betrayed all my savings. I felt that the whole world was almost destroyed. In life and the economy, I am also facing tremendous pressure. I feel like I am trapped in a dark place with no way out.

At that time, everything seemed meaningless to me. Life seemed meaningless and I could not get the understanding of my family. I originally wanted to give up everything and stop working hard. Until one day, I suddenly saw a meditation e-book on the Internet. I bought it without thinking about it at the time. I wanted to see if I could save myself in this way.

Every night in my small room, I would sit by the window and look at the twinkling lights outside. Sometimes I would feel vague when I saw others happily holding delicious food, or even licking inexpensive ice cream. It made me very heartbroken and even wanted to cry. So I made up my mind to heal myself.

At that time, I really followed the instructions in the book step by step. I tried to take deep breaths to release my inner uneasiness and anxiety. I began to learn various methods in the book. During that time, I felt an unprecedented tranquil atmosphere in my heart. .

Later, I discovered that after meditating, I would still fall into a low mood in reality. But because I learned how to connect with my inner self, my emotions began to no longer be so serious and uncontrollable.

So I feel that physical, mental and spiritual training is not to escape reality, but to help me face it better. It has allowed me to find my inner peace and strength. I can use the best emotions and concepts to deal with anything in the future. face.

If your current situation is very similar to mine. Life is full of confusion and troubles. I want to tell you that although physical, mental and spiritual exercises cannot help you solve all your problems, they can indeed help you a lot.

You can try reading some mind-body and soul books or yoga exercises, or join relevant training. These are the simplest ways to help us get out of the slump.

If you don’t have a direction to study at the moment, I’ve made the methods I used to get out of the slump in the past into a healthy yoga course that combines mind, body and soul. It also comes with a free e-book, which may be able to help you.

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