What are some tips for becoming successful?

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Have a vision. To act in the right direction, you need to know where you want to go.

Take care of your health. Exercise, Meditate. That would give you positive feel and will be good for your overall physical and mental being.

Never stop learning. Upgrade yourself time to time. Learning gives you new ideas, more flexibility, better understanding. Make sure you do that everyday.

Share your knowledge. More you share, more you’ll learn.

Have a belief in yourself. You need to have confidence and belief in yourself to achieve what you want. Thats where half the battle is won.

Be open minded. Be open to ideas. Be open to change. Be open to learning. Be open to suggestions. Be open to other’s view point.

Respect people. No matter someone is richer or poorer. Be humble, be grounded and don't let ego take over you.

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