What are daily good habits?

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1.I watch a motivational video in the mornings- I literally just type “motivational video” into youtube and pick one. But, it really does get me fired up for the day and excited to do work. It makes me a lot more productive in all areas of life.

2. I call someone I love every day- I make sure I check in on everyone important in my life every couple of weeks. Each week I call old college friends, high school friends, and family members. It keeps my relationships with them really strong and lets them know I care even if we live 9,000 miles apart.

3. I walk every day- For years I killed myself in the gym but I didn’t love doing it. I might not be able to deadlift 325 pounds anymore, but I enjoy walking around the lake every day so much that I’m excited to do it and I never go a day without exercising. I also get to listen to a Thai podcast on my walks which has really helped me learn Thai faster. Plus, being out in nature gives me a lot of joy.

4. I don’t keep food in my apartment- I don’t snack at all since I’m too lazy to leave my apartment and get a snack if I get a craving. It’s kept me a lot healthier. I eat out every day because it’s cheaper as a single person in Thailand, but their portion sizing keeps my diet in check and keeps me from eating too much in my room.

5. I read every day- I read a lot. I love learning and challenging and changing my viewpoints. It gives me happiness to read books about neuroscience, addiction, and my faith in God. I get excited about everything I read and I love the feeling of progress.

6. I put my phone away- If I’m with someone or doing something, I put my phone in my bag so it doesn’t distract me. It really enhanced my quality of life and made me enjoy things so much more. It made my relationships deeper and helped me make a lot of memories.

7. I view everything as progress- No matter what happens, I view it as a learning experience. If I miss a flight, I see it as a lesson teaching me how to manage stress or handle a similar situation in the future. If I’m fighting with a friend, I see it as improving my conflict resolution skills. It turns life into a game where the ultimate goal is leveling up and it turns stressful situations into challenges to overcome.

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