What are some hacks for productivity?

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Use the Pomodoro technique - Focus for 25 minute chunks, then take a 5 minute break. This manages time and avoids burnout.

Prioritize important tasks - Focus on high-impact tasks first instead of easier, quicker ones. Follow the 80/20 rule.

Eliminate distractions - Block distracting websites and apps and silence notifications when concentrating.

Automate when possible - Take advantage of tools that can automate repetitive tasks like invoicing.

Take breaks - Short breaks help recharge your focus and energy. Get up and move periodically.

Limit multi-tasking - Research shows switching between tasks reduces productivity. Stick to one task at a time.

Start your day early - Use mornings to tackle big projects when you have more energy and fewer distractions.

Maintain lists - Keep master to-do lists and notebooks to track tasks and ideas. Getting things down provides clarity.

Follow a routine - Create consistent daily routines around key tasks and activities to maintain momentum.

Prioritize sleep - Adequate sleep improves productivity, focus, and decision-making. Make enough sleep a priority.

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