How can we completely concentrate while studying?

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If you would like to study concentratedly then you must have a strong feeling that i can study with my complete concentration. If you had that strong feeling then every particle in the universe will help you to reach that . No matter how to learn that but you should learn you should try it in a way which you like

EXAMPLE : If you would like to use your phone frequently then make it as a hub for studying

If you don’t had that much power to concentrate then try to free your brain don’t think of use less things which may pass your time you wont get any benefit by doing that. try to Ask yourself why should I think like that and start thinking in a positive way. Try to help others don’t think what I will get by helping others. Try to read the books of swami vivekanandha then you may fell peacefully

If you are unable to control your thoughts then try to meditate for at least half an hour every day and try to do in the same time every day after a few days you will be able to control your thoughts and you can focus on studies

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