How do you remain calm and collected during a heated argument?

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Focus on resolution, your peace of mind, your day, and your goals. Your peace is above people's mismanaged ego and pending frustration.

Don't consider the other person superior or inferior; both bring your ego into play. Treat them like an immature kid; you need to handle them and not fight. Remember, aging doesn't bring adulthood; most people in the market are overgrown kids, pity them, manage them, and don't get angry.

Answer people’s doubts and questions, communicate your thoughts well, and your communication stands complete; beyond this nothing productive would happen. React to people’s thoughts and intentions and not emotions.

The moment an argument takes a heated turn, stop speaking and make it clear that you aren't up for a fight. If you both can handle it maturely, the discussion can continue, or you would walk away. Be clear that you don't want a fight.

Realize that not having control on one's thoughts and behavior is a mental weakness and lack of self-control. It's not something to be proud of; they failed the test, and you don't need to stoop to their grades.

Empathize with the other person, realize their loss, the reason for their emotions, that otherwise, they aren't a devil but an ordinary human like you. A true winner is a person who calms the other person down and does not ignite a fight. Also, maintain clear boundaries; once your moral boundaries are breached, do no further discussions, walk away, or take action, and action doesn't mean falling at their level, something that keeps them away from you.

Anubhav Jain

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