What is that one good thing that you do every day?

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There are few things one must do everyday in order to stay healthy physically and mentally,both... 1. Drinking Luke warm water every morning with lemon as it makes our skin more radiating and also aids the process of digestion. 2. 2km rule..make it a habit to walk atleast 2 kms everyday. 3. We usually inhale lesser air than we exhale..so basically we are not utilising our lungs to their maximum potential. Taking deeper breaths has its own gigantic set of advantages. 4. Drink a lot of water. 5. Meditate for atleast 15 min, try surya Namaskar if possible..it works miraculously.. 6. Early morning sun is one vital ingredient for a healthy body and a sound mind...it's a storehouse of energy.. 7. Smile when you see someone..trust me it feels good , the next time you see that "someone" reciprocating your smile back..it makes my day, atleast... 8. Base your relationships on actual verbal communication rather than limiting it to smartphone apps like Whatsapp,etc..half of the times , the messages are misinterpreted and I personally feel typing and sending a message does not feel as good and satisfactory as a phone call or a face to face conversation.. 9. Take a day off from Internet,smart phones, computer games, basically technology..just enjoy..trust me it feels amazing..been there..doing that..and absolutely loving it.. 10. Do what you love, love what you do..

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