What advice would you give to a 14 year old?

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Learn to control your sexual desires.

This is the phase of your life when hormones rule your mind.

They can make you do some unexpected and unacceptable actions, which you might regret years later.

During this period of life, you are exposed to a whole new different world. A world which is going to give you chills and thrills. A world you have never seen before.

Be careful at this stage of your life when it comes to getting physical.

Don't be desperate to lose your virginity just because your friends aren't virgin. It's absolutely fine to be a virgin.

Watch yourself. Observe. Learn how to handle your desires. If you think you are mistaken somewhere, learn from it. Improve yourself.

Most importantly feel free to talk about anything related to sex with your mentor. Your mentor can be anyone, your father, your elder brother, your teacher or anyone else. Find someone who is mature and trustworthy to talk about your dilemmas, doubts and problems.

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