What is important in life?

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When all is done and dusted, nobody's gonna ask you how much you scored in your boards, did you sit on the front bench or the last.

No one will ask you how many heartbreaks you had, how many rejections you faced.

It won't matter. None of the riveting insults that people throw at you, the weird things people talk about your back.

Your first shitty job or the one after that. No one will remember your jeans that was not washed or your slippers which were beyond repair. They will not remember your flashy new phone or your make up at that stupid party where everyone was drunk and immersed in their own emotional shit.

None of them will remember that gym sculpted body or that selfie you took at the edge of a cliff. You know what they will remember, the times when you hurt them and were gracious enough to accept your fault.

You were man enough to reconcile. You were man enough to stand up and enjoy after every time you fell. Your smile which although was fake but was proof that you were atleast trying.

Stop being superfluous.

Start being a human.

In the end everyone will just remember that.

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