If you can give me only one secret to improve myself, what would it be?

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Be mysterious, unpredictable and focused….

If you can give me only one secret to improve myself, what would it be?-第1张图片

. That is one of the best techniques to improve ourselves. Certainly, it enhances our concentration level also.

Suppose, if you say to the whole world, “ I am writing my first novel.” You will never reach your goal or not even finish your few chapters of your manuscript. Or, if you want to establish your start-up company, don’t tell it too much to other people, just do it. Keep your passion secret inside you.

Generally success comes with hard work, sincere effort and intense concentration. If you share your next plan to the world by social media or other ways, your mind will be distracted by several ways. Even someone may joke with you to your goal, someone disbelieve, or someone may encourage you. But these things will take away your focus from your work.

Remember one thing, “Empty vessel sounds much”. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Roger Federer, J.K Rowling-all the successful people had never shared their passion or next move to the world too much before getting success.

So, you may have lots of amazing ideas, plan, vision, ambition or passion. My advice is that work hard with smart way to achieve your goal. Nobody needs to know what you are doing.

Your passion and emotion is involved with only you, not the world. If you have the confidence in yourself, put your all dedication and effort in your passion instead of publicity. One day you will be rewarded and get several compliments beyond your imagination.

Stay focused and stay determined. Don't look to anyone else to be your determination - have self-determination. It will take you very far. -Justice Smith

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Shahnewazh Hossain

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