What are the best tips to maintain sobriety?

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Have coping skills.

Going for a walk, coloring, watching movies, sunbathing, listening to music, painting, etc… something to fulfill your mind with, especially at your worst moments.

Support system.

Friends, family, support groups, counselors, meetings, etc.. people that understand your situation. I mean actually understand and care.

New people, New places, New things.

Rehab is the easiest part, you're completely safe there, hardly any triggers, and surrounding around sobriety. When you go home - it gets real. You surround yourself with who you become. Stay away from old addict friends, hangouts, and behaviors.

Help another addict.

Be heard. Your voice matters, your story may save someone's life. Your shares may get someone else to open up. You never know whose life you can touch or put a smile on someone's face. I'm vocal about my addiction because there were addicts who lost their life to this ugly disease. They matter too, and so does every other human being.

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5 months sober as of 02/26/2023!

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