How can we calm down with all the stress?

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It's really hard for me to handle my stress. It takes time to get myself in control. While lot of things seems easy for people it's not actually easy for others. With time I have realised that this things help me.

Just being in the moment- People look for distracting themselves while they need to be there and look for reasons why it's happening. Finding out the cause is really important.

Not talking to anybody- Talking to people while i am in stress causes more shit out of me. People just talk too much. They think it's all easy and fine. They will try to give you sympathy. Just don't get into trap. Figure out yourself first then seek people.

Self help- Exercising, meditating, reading or simply writing are most simple and yet effective habbits to calm yourself down. Eat when you are in stress it will be a healthy distraction.

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I also drink chai when I'm in stress and when not 😂

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